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Ex-Police Hong Kong

​Infidelity Private Investigator

Jaydon Chan

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用我畢生努力與勞力 去尋找你要的真相


​陳浩琳 著


就算現在係深夜2點也好, 與其切夜難眠, 不如發一個WhatsApp 短信比我, 幾句閒聊一下, 或許我能站在你的角度, 給你一點建議. 

真心的, 我好希望, 我能夠幫到你, 解決你感情道路上, 心中嘅困擾. 

希望有朝一日, 我能夠係感情問題上, 成為你的私家偵探.

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Jaydon Chan

男女感情問題, 並無藍黃黑白.

Affair Private Investigation

Spouse Private Investigation

Do you suspect your partner cheating on you for romantic relationship with someone else?

Does it cause serious stress and pain on you?​

What sorts of your spouse’s behavior arouse your suspicious?

If you suspect your husband has affair in Hong Kong and need a private Investigator, please feel free to contact me for further discussion.

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陳浩琳 私家偵探

Jaydon Chan Private Investigator

I am a Hong Kong Ex- Police Officer. For some reason, I leave Hong Kong Police Force and become a Free Lance Private Investigator. Since then, I gradually build up my own investigation team.

If you are looking for a private investigator for Infidelity investigations in Hong Kong , I and my team maybe one of the option you may take into consideration.

I am trained and experience in field operation for years, but I am not Tom cruise in Mission-impossible. Possibility and success of case depend on case situation. Cheating Spouse Investigation have to be studied in detail between you and me with full cooperation and trust before taking into action.

Opinions of a detective on affair

Having a cheating spouse is one of the most painful experiences you can have, and a private investigator may be someone you never knew you needed.


You may be: a wife who suspects her husband of having an affair, wanting to know the truth in hopes to restore your relationship. But when seeking help from a friend, they may be quick to recommend that you get a divorce, or simply suggest that you’re being too sensitive.


Or, you may be a husband who is suspecting your wife of having an affair, and find it hard to consult your friends so you swallow your stress and pain alone.


You may even have become the mistress/ lover yourself, and find that every time you want to end this unethical relationship, the other party will always have excuses, or go to extreme lengths to beg you to stay.

You may be confused, “Are they lying?”, “Who else?”, “How many more lovers do they have?”

You are lost and don’t know whether you should keep waiting or give up.

Jaydon Chan Private Investigator Hong Ko
Jaydon Chan Private Investigator Hong Ko

There is no perfect workaround for extramarital conflicts.

What is right and wrong and how to deal with it depends on the perspective and angle.


I once met a wife who suspected her husband of cheating, to which her husband strongly denied. She had told her friend that she wanted to find out the truth. But her friend only told her to stop overthinking.

As a result, she suffered from insomnia for many nights, and even ended up having to go to a psychiatrist, relying on medication to ease her condition.


Another similar case resulted in an even more tragic ending. A client had told her friend early on that she suspected her husband of cheating, to which her friend had told her not to worry and over think. In retrospect, it turned out that things were just beginning. If it had been  dealt earlier, things may have turned out differently. But because she was unwilling to face the truth, she ended up finding out her husband was not only cheating, but also had an illegitimate child. Oftentimes this is when people start asking “why me?” or “why did he treat me this way?” but it is too late.


I have also encountered many people who are what people call “cheaters”, “vixen” or even worse names, they often have unknown reasons that other people don’t understand.

A real-life case of a misunderstanding

A client asked me to investigate her husband, being sure that he had a mistress, and asked me to find evidence of her husband's infidelity, so she could get a divorce. Her husband  often returned home late, even to the extent of pulling disappearing acts or not answering his phone. But in the end, it turned out the reason behind all of it was because her  husband was running into issues regarding his business.

Jaydon Chan Private Investigator Hong Ko

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Heart Speaking From Jaydon Chan Private Investigator

Jaydon Chan Private Investigator Hong Ko

Finally, I am here to make it clear myself again.
I am not willing to catch your spouse having any affair relationship.
Rather, at the bottom of my heart, I want to prove your spouse have no any affair relationship.
By the time, you found me, you must already at least have a very small suspicious about your spouse built-in your mind. If this very small suspicious leave it unhandled, it will gradually grow up to a very big suspicious finally. This suspicious well may take a very long time to go and that will surely deter your trust and relationship between you and your spouse forever.
I just want to help erasing your suspicious out of your mind and restore your trust on your spouse only.

#香港私家偵探推薦  #外遇 #第三者 #捉姦 #私家偵探 #跟蹤專家 #反跟蹤

What should I do if I suspect my spouse cheating on me?

First, never, complaint your partner until you have concrete proof.

First, be careful, you were not caught finding any suspicious on her.


If you challenge your girlfriend too soon without evidence, what answer do you expect hearing from her? The worst happening is, after she denied everything with full of excuses and reasons, she may become more careful with her act’s, that’s make the case even harder for private investigator come to help. 


If you need a private investigator to help you, your private investigator need your help also.

It would be of very important that you could share your every suspicious in detailed to your private investigator. Then, your private investigator may start analyze every piece of information you gathered


Speaking openly and honestly about your case with your chosen private investigator, truth may in one day come to you. 

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