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Private Investigation fees

用我畢生努力與勞力 去尋找你要的真相


​陳浩琳 著

How much it cost to employ a Private Investigator

舉例以最常見的婚外情伴侶跟蹤個案, 如個案背景非交通不便的偏遠離島郊區, 亦非深夜零晨時份, 個案背景並不困難複雜, 不需動用大量專業人手, 亦不需動用跟蹤車輛, 一般而言, 大約每小時收費 介乎 650-800港元.


實際收費, 始終要跟據客人個別要求的情況, 按實際需要而定.

我理念主張的 並不是 以每小時最低收費並給你做滿12小時送你9拆優惠作生意招徠, 我期望的, 係能跟你詳細坦誠商討及計劃, 希望爭取能在最短時間內, 完滿完成你委託的任務.


I’m guessing you want the services of an investigator for some personal issues, by now,  you would have seen a lot of advertisements or websites, but you still haven’t found the PI that suits you. I hope that me and my team will be of service to you.

Jaydon Chan Private Investigator Hong Ko

Frankly speaking, although I have years of experience in investigation, I cannot say that I can crack every single case. No matter how easy or difficult a case is, the result depends on the situation and the people. However, on the other hand, No matter how difficult the case is, as long as you and I can cooperate openly and analyze the situation in detail, there’s always something I can help you with.



The investigation of a case is planned according to the complexity of the client's case. Depending on the circumstances of each case- the difficulty of the investigation, the time required for the investigation, and the resources, will all be different.

Specific charges to be decided after careful negotiation with my clients.

Generally speaking, I will first go through the basic information of the case, and then based on my experience, I will judge the specific charges by the difficulty of the case. In the end, I hope that I can give both parties a satisfactory and reasonable payment plan.

I can guarantee that I will not charge you while I am going through the basics of the case with you. After analyzing the case, I will provide a satisfactory and reasonable action plan and a quoted price. Whether you decide to hire me, all your information and details of the case will remain confidential.

Jaydon Chan Private Investigator Hong Ko
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